What Will a Second Term for Donald Trump Mean?

  • June 20, 2019

When Donald Trump got elected there was concern amongst the climate change community – and what he would do in regards to climate change. Keep in mind that for most of Donald Trump’s first term he denied climate change even existed – and instead emphasized that it was a hoax by the Chinese government to weaken America’s economic interests.

However to his credit Donald Trump has sought counsel from a number of people that are prominent amongst the climate change world – including even Elon Musk – who then declined to be part of the group – whether this was because he felt he was being used as a pawn or because he felt the sting of public pressure is up for debate.

Now we are approaching the Democratic primaries – and while the Democrats would not like to admit it – just like with the first election – it seems that Donald Trump is poised to win his second term.

Keep in mind that Donald Trump was given less than 1% chance of winning by the Huffington Post – who put his election campaign in the entertainment section – until they were forced to accept that this was a real campaign.

Donald Trump has strived to make America energy independent – and in his most recent speech he actually made a statement that made a lot of sense. If we are buying our energy from China – but they are creating the energy in a poluttant way – it would be better for us to produce the energy ourselves – in a macro economic way – even if our greenhouse gases rise in the process.

Donald Trump could still be a great ally to the climate movement – and he has shown a willingness to listen – we need to understand that there are degrees to everything. When it comes to clean air – America’s energy industry is some of the best. The big debate is behind nuclear power – if it all goes off without a hinch nuclear power could be very useful – it emits no greenhouse emissions – and the waste can be stored somewhere in sections that will not damage the environment – it’s not the most ideal solution but it might be a compromise that both sides can agree on.

As we move to elections – it will be interesting to see what people vote on. Let’s hope that not only is the world’s future guaranteed – but the economic realities are also considered. It is going to be the big global battle we must fight.

It will be interesting to see if Donald Trump’s legal battles on the impeach front will affect his election – we will soon have a post from George Sten & Co Criminal Lawyers about this situation. Stay tuned!


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