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Featured Speakers (updated 10/17/2016)

Mayor Kevin Faulconer

City of San Diego


Rachael Nava

University of California Office
of the President


Miranda Ballentine

U.S. Air Force


Rep. Scott Peters

U.S. House of Representatives



Allan Schurr

Edison Energy


Michael Mann
Penn State University

Terry Tamminen

Leonard DiCaprio Foundation


Nancy Sutley

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power


Rob Threlkeld

General Motors


Matt Henigan

California Government Operations Agency


Tim Unruh

Federal Energy Management Program


Yancy Lindsey
U.S. Navy

Scott Tew

Ingersoll Rand


Ted Anasis

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Dave Pogue



Eugene "Mitch" Mitchell

San Diego Gas & Electric


Ramι Hemstreet
Kaiser Permanente


Stephanie Rico
Wells Fargo

Lan Wiborg

City of San Diego


Sharon Cooney

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System


Marcene Broadwater

International Finance Corporation


Susan Kennedy

Advanced Microgrid Solutions


Brendan Reed

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Doug Parker
UC California Institute for Water Resources

Graciela Chichilnisky

Global Thermostat


David Herring



Daniel Kreeger

Association of Climate Change Officers


Abby Abel



Bruno Sarda



Arthur Rypinski
U.S. Department of Transportation

Kelly Rodgers

San Diego County Water Authority


Steve Scharnhorst

Fluidic Energy


Jen Boynton

Triple Pundit


Cris Liban

LA County Metropolitan Transportation Agency


Caroline Judy

Sonoma County


Vic Shao

Green Charge Networks

Doug Glancy

The Climate Reality Project


Hetal Jain

U.S. Department of Transportation


Risa Baron

San Diego County Water Authority


Brian Bidolli

Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments


Thomas Day

U.S. Postal Service


Bruce Klafter

Michael Gibbs

California Air Resources Board


Diane Takvorian
Environmental Health Coalition


Shannon Davis
Region 9


Nicole Neeman Brady
Edison Water Resources


David Eichberg


Michael Mondshine
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

John Englander



Vincent Tidwell

Sandia National Laboratories


Alicia Culver
Responsible Purchasing Network


Blaine Collison



Sarah Rees

Washington Department of Ecology


Dan Rizza
Climate Central

Antonia Graham

City of Huntington Beach


Jon Elam
Tamalpais Community Services District


Allison Wood
San Diego Association of Governments


Brad Mantz

San Diego Gas & Electric


Emilie Mazzacurati

Four Twenty Seven


Timothy O'Connor

Environmental Defense Fund

Diego Grosso

University of California-Irvine


Paz Gomez

City of San Diego


Albert Santana

City of Phoenix


Fahmida Ahmed

Stanford University


The following is a current list of individuals and their corresponding titles/affiliations that are confirmed to present at the West Coast Climate Strategies Forum ... additional speakers will be published here shortly.

  • NEW: David Dekozan – Vice President, Business Development, Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc.
  • NEW: Jon Elam – General Manager, Tamalpais Community Services District
  • NEW: Paz Gomez – Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure/Public Works, City of San Diego
  • NEW: Matt Henigan – Deputy Secretary for Sustainability, California Government Operations Agency
  • NEW: Brad Mantz – Demand Response Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • NEW: Emilie Mazzacurati – Founder and CEO, Four Twenty Seven
  • NEW: Eugene "Mitch" Mitchell – Vice President, External Affairs and State Government Affairs, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • NEW: Timothy O'Connor – Director, California Oil & Gas, Environmental Defense Fund
  • NEW: Jeff Reeb – Director, Office of Emergency management, Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center
  • NEW: Albert Santana – Director of High Capacity Transit, City of Phoenix
  • NEW: Brian Scully – Deputy Director, Strategy and Policy, Office of Infrastructure Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Abby Abel – Global Director, GE Ecomagination, GE
  • Fahmida Ahmed – Director, Office of Sustainability, Stanford University
  • Ted Anasis – Manager, Airport Planning, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
  • Diane Bailey – Executive Director, Menlo Spark
  • Miranda Ballentine – Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment, and Energy, U.S. Air Force
  • Risa Baron – Principal Public Affairs Representative, San Diego County Water Authority
  • Brian Bidolli – Executive Director, Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments
  • Gina Blus – Business Strategy and Planning Consultant, Climate Ready Solutions
  • Toni Bouchard – Chief Operating Officer, SmartPower
  • Jen Boynton – Editor in Chief, Triple Pundit
  • Nicole Neeman Brady – President, Edison Water Resources
  • Marcene Broadwater – Global Head, Climate Strategy and Business Development, IFC/World Bank Group
  • Graciela Chichilnisky – Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Global Thermostat
  • Ellie Cohen – President & CEO, Point Blue Conservation Science
  • Blaine Collison – Managing Director, Marketing & Partnerships, Altenex
  • Karen Cook – Sustainability Project Manager, County of Alameda
  • Sharon Cooney – Chief of Staff, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
  • Alicia Culver – Executive Director, Responsible Purchasing Network
  • Shannon Davis – Co-Lead, West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum,  Region 9, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Thomas Day – Chief Sustainability Officer, U.S. Postal Service
  • Terence de Pentheny O'Kelly – Engagement Manager, CustomerFirst Renewables
  • Raul DeLaRosa – Special Assistant for Climate Change, California Natural Resources Agency
  • Lily Donge – Principal, Business Renewables Center, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • David Eichberg – Manager, Environmental Sustainability, Global Programs, HP
  • John Englander – Author, High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Levels and the Coming Coastal Crisis
  • Antonia Graham – Energy & Sustainability Project Manager and Assistant to the City Manager, City of Huntington Beach
  • Greg Haddow – Manager of Clean Transportation Policy & Initiatives, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Matthew Ellis – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Measurabl
  • Kevin Faulconer – Mayor, City of San Diego
  • Natalia Gaerlan – Project Manager, The Trust for Public Land
  • Michael Garvin – Associate Director, REACH Program, Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Michael Gibbs – Assistant Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
  • Doug Glancy – Director, Climate Speakers Network, The Climate Reality Project
  • Ramι Hemstreet – Vice President for Operations and Chief Sustainable Resources Officer, Kaiser Permanente
  • Carmen Henrikson – Associate Vice President of Energy Services, TRC Solutions
  • Ronald Herbst – Senior Energy & Sustainability Professional
  • David Herring – Director of Communications & Education, Climate Program Office, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Hetal Jain – Sustainability Program Manager, Office of Sustainability and Safety Management, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Caroline Judy – Director, General Services Agency, Sonoma County
  • Susan Kennedy – Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Microgrid Solutions
  • Bruce Klafter – Vice President, Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility, Flextronics
  • Meaghan Krohn – Senior Project Officer, Disclosure Services, CDP
  • Mike Krzus – Senior Advisor, BrownFlynn
  • Juliet Lamont – Principal, Creekcats Environmental Partners LLC
  • Cris Liban – Executive Officer, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • RADM Yancy Lindsey – Commander, Navy Region Southwest, U.S. Navy
  • Ben Machol – Manager, Clean Energy and Climate Change Office, Region 9, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Nancy Mancilla – Co-Founder and CEO, ISOS Group
  • Michael Mann – Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University
  • Steven Messner – Principal, e360 LLC
  • Michael Mondshine – Vice President, Sustainability & Energy, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Rachael Nava – Chief Operating Officer, University of California Office of the President
  • Carl Nettleton – Principal, Nettleton Strategies
  • Christina O'Connell – Director, Business Development, UL EHS Sustainability
  • Doug Parker – Director, UC California Institute for Water Resources
  • Dave Pogue – Global Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE
  • Sarah Rees – Special Assistant to the Director for Climate Policy, Washington State Department of Ecology
  • Dan Rizza – Manager & Research Associate, Climate Central
  • Stephanie Rico – Senior Vice President, Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo
  • Brendan Reed – Environmental Sustainability Manager, San Diego Airport Authority
  • Kelly Rodgers – Energy Program Manager, San Diego County Water Authority
  • Diego Rosso – Director, Energy-Water Nexus Research Center, University of California-Irvine
  • Arthur Rypinski – Energy Economist, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Bruno Sarda – Vice President of Sustainability, NRG
  • Connie Sasala – Director, Strategic Energy Solutions, Altenex
  • Steve Scharnhorst – CEO, Fluidic Energy
  • Allan Schurr – President, Edison Energy
  • Paul Schuster – Managing Director, Altenex
  • Vic Shao – CEO, Green Charge Networks
  • Donna Serpico-Thompson – Vice President, Business Development, Sharp HealthCare
  • Nilmini Silva-Send – Assistant Director, Energy Policy Initiatives Center, University of San Diego
  • Matthew St. Clair – Director of Sustainability, University of California Office of the President
  • Nancy Sutley – Chief Sustainability & Economic Development Officer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Diane Takvorian – Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition & CARB Board Member
  • Loretta Tam – Manager, Consumer & Retail Services, UL Verification Services, Inc.
  • Corrected: Terry Tamminen – CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
  • Scott Tew – Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand
  • Rob Threlkeld – Global Renewable Energy Manager, General Motors
  • Vincent Tidwell – Principle Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Tim Unruh – Director, Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), U.S. Department of Energy
  • Mike Wallace – Managing Director, BrownFlynn
  • Allison Wood – Associate Regional Energy/Climate Planner, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Representative Participant Organizations

> Advanced Microgrid Solutions
> Alameda County
> Altenex
> Biorecro
> Business Renewables Center
> Caesars Entertainment
> California Air Resources Board
> California Government Operations Agency
> California Governor's Office of Planning and Research
> California Institute for Water Resources
> California Natural Resources Agency
> City and County of San Francisco
> City of Aspen
> City of Huntington Beach
> City of Miami Beach
> City of New Orleans
> City of Phoenix
> City of San Diego
> City of Santa Clara
> Cleantech San Diego
> Colorado Water Conservation Board
> Climate Central
> Community Office for Resource Efficiency
> Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments
> County of Alameda
> County of Sacramento
> Cubic Transportation Systems
> CustomerFirst Renewables
> East Bay Regional Park District
> Edison Energy
> Edison Water Resources
> Environmental Defense Fund
> Environmental Health Coalition
> Flextronics
> Fluidic Energy
> Four Twenty Seven
> GE
> General Motors
> Global Thermostat
> Green Charge Networks
> Hawaii Office of Planning & Coastal Zone Management
> HP
> ICF International
> Illinois Institute of Technology
> Industrial Environmental Association
> Ingersoll Rand
> International City & County Management Association
> International Finance Corporation
> International Sea Level Institute
> ISOS Group
> JetBlue
> Kaiser Permanente
> Lockheed Martin
> Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
> Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
> Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
> Maryland Department of Natural Resources
> Measurabl
> Menlo Spark
> National Association of State energy Officials
> National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
> Origin Climate
> Point Blue Conservation Science
> REAP Change Consultants
> Responsible Purchasing Network
> Rocky Mountain Institute
> San Diego Airport Authority
> San Diego Association of Governments
> San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
> San Diego County Water Authority
> San Diego Gas & Electric
> San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
> San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
> SmartPower
> Sonoma County
> Stanford University
> Tamalpais Community Services District
> The Climate Reality Project
> TRC Solutions
> Triple Pundit
> Trust for Public Land
> U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
> U.S. Department of Energy
> U.S. Department of Homeland Security
> U.S. Department of Transportation
> U.S. Navy
> U.S. Postal Service
> UL
> Unified Port of San Diego
> University of California Office of the President
> University of California-Berkeley
> University of California-Irvine
> University of California-San Diego
> University of San Diego
> Washington State Department of Ecology
> Wells Fargo
> WomenCare Global
> WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

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